Thrown Pots

Iron finished is gloss inside, matte outside, $10.
Patina aqua is matte finished, $5


Memo Boards

Currently unmounted standard 4" tiles. If you're a grouter, mount these with additional white tiles to make a memo board for your kitchen or message center, $5 per tile unmounted.

Dry erase markers work great on smooth tile. The only caution is that you must liberally apply sealer so the grout does not stain from the marker.

Stained Glass Ceramic Plate

Stained Glass Ceramic Glazing Technique, 13" diameter flat plate, $45


Countdown Tile

Use a dry-erase marker to countdown the days on the penguin tile, $7.50

Chalk center so you can use chalk to countdown to Christmas!

Days Til Christmas but could also be made as Days Til Graduation/School's Out/Vacation/Retirement... the possibilities are limitless! $15 for 6"x6" tile


SOLD! Multi Media 8x10

8x10 framed. Media; glass beads, acrylics, and ceramic pot. $35

SOLD! Inspirational Plaque

Small handmade plaque with inscription Thomas Edison kept on his desk, "Remember Jonah when he was down in the mouth, he came out alright." $15, includes shipping.
Small handmade plaque with inscription, "If wishes were cake, I'd bake you two!!"
Holes for rawhide strap not shown. $5

Small handmade plaque, Bless All Who Enter Here, with cat sitting next to it. Has holes to hang with rawhide strap, not shown. $5